Fee Rates

Costs are based on a low hourly rate or a fixed agreed fee, payable in advance for suitable ongoing matters. A special fee rate can be had for those in financial need.

Our retainer fees do not include postage, stationery and packing nor our travel time and expenses which are charged as extras. Retainer fee paid in advance for 5 hours work provides for an extra hour for free. There is NO VAT to pay on our fees.

At A Legal Helping Hand you will experience:

A professional, caring service.
Confidentiality and privacy assured.
Help available via email.
Easy access to simple legal information.
A unique personal Legal Service at LOW cost and given at speed.
Professional assistance so that you can get the best out of the legal system for yourself.
Being able to handle legal matters for yourself gives you greater control.

This is a professional service and you are assured that the confidentiality and privacy of all affairs will be entirely respected. With the reduction in the availability of easy access to simple legal information, this personal and friendly Service will direct and guide you before incurring the expense of instructing a solicitor or barrister.

Confidentiality and privacy are assured. Information Commissioner's Office registration number Z3115375.

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